Bulk REO Properties Available Nationwide


November 20, 2013

 $2 Trillion in REO assets just released nationwide.

 We are direct to asset manager.

Minimum Order is $25 million.

  • JV groups can proof up together, cherry pick and buy separately
  • All kinds of properties-SFRs, multi-family, apartment complexes, commercial, hotels, shopping centers
  • And NPNs
  • Fabulous Discounted Prices

Process: Need LOI, MFP, SPOF to get started

For details, call 626-641-0346 or email me at drdbroker@gmail.com


Specify  wants and needs  in your LOI (Letter-Of-Intent). Show the Dollar amount available in your POF (Proof-Of-Funds) demonstrating that you’re an accredited investor fully able take to down the TAPE.


Process is simple. All parties to the transaction agree to the terms of the Contract, MFP (Master Fee Protection) and NCND (Non-Circumvention-Non-Disclosure) Agreement. Call or email me for the forms. 


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