Palm Springs SFR-Near $100k Equity



Purchase Price: 393,500 (includes all fees) + 1%
Repairs: 30,000
Arv: 543,000

1,782 sq ft
4 bed, 3 baths
10,019 lot

This home doesn't need a ton of work. 20,000 should do it, but I added an extra 10,000 onto the rehab cost for misc holding cost and repairs, just in case.

Access: by appt. only, contact me to set up time. or call 26-641-0346.

Mega Deals-Anaheim, Rowland Heights, Hawthorne, Downey

​All properties are +2% buyer's rep fee.​


Deal No. 1 : Anaheim – 4 units
3 2bed/1bath and 1 3bed/2bath (front, detached larger house)
Property is Orange County and not subject to rent control
All units are leased: front rent $1600/month; back apartments rent $1200/month each
Total income: $5200/month; annual: $62400
Monthly Expenses: insurance-1800 per year, trash-268 monthly, water-280 monthly, taxes (at purchase price)-$8376; total: $16752
NOI: $45,648
CAP: 6.43%
Price: $710K
All apartments need to be rehabbed (see contractor bid below--$133K)
After-rehab market potential rents would jump to a monthly income of $6000 ($1800 for the 3/2 and $1400 for each 2/1)
All apartments have ample basement storage.
2157 W Brownwood Ave Anaheim CA 92801
Recent Comps:
2112 W Brownwood Ave Anaheim CA 744k 10/07/2013 4176 Sq. Ft
2106 W Brownwood Ave Anaheim CA 775k 08/20/2013 4176 Sq. Ft.
1828 W Greenleaf Ave Anaheim CA 772k 08/13/2013 4107 Sq. Ft.
1611 Pically Way Fullerton CA 02/20/2014 3649 Sq. Ft.
Deal No. 2 : Hawthorne 2/1 with potential to add 1300 sf
11609 Eucalyptus Avenue, Hawthorne, CA 90250
This is a 2/1 home located on a huge lot. It can be converted to a 4/2, 4/3.Hawthorne Single Family Home. Lot size: 5,314 Sq.ft. Vacant !
Property is in Los Angeles County.
Price: 309k
120k expected for 1300 sq ft. addition and repairs
ARV: $550K
Similar Properties are:
4840 W 133rd Street Hawthorne CA 409K 910 Sq. Ft. PW14005894 2/1
5029 W 129th Street Hawthorne CA 425k 832 Sq. Ft. SB14001018 2/1
14515 Doty Ave Hawthorne CA 412k 1144 Sq. Ft. SB14040291 2/1
Comps after rehab:
4843 W 121st Street Hawthorne CA 90250 540k 1700 Sq. Ft. OC13228206 4/2
4827 W 122nd Street Hawthorne CA 90250 545K 2074 Sq. Ft. SR14012843 4/2
12115 Hendry Ave Hawthorne CA 90250 710K 2644 Sq. Ft. SB14036358 4/2
Deal No. 3 : Triplex complex in a large lot in Downey
7017 Dinwiddie Street, Downey, CA 90241
. Very nice area
2-3/2, 1-3/2 pool with a potential monthly income of $7,800 (front house is larger) Living area: 5,131/Lot: 13,000 sq. ft. Take a look at the comps below.
Owner is living in the front house. The other 2 units are vacant.
Price: $749K
Potential cash-flow makes it over 7 cap -- GREAT for an LA-area triplex !
Similar Sold Properties are:
9377 Gallatin Rd Downey CA $1,150,000 6527/8896 sq. ft. DW13121235
10432 Brookshire Ave Downey CA $1,200,000 7496/10681 sq. ft. 13715227
8534 Cole Street Downey CA $900,000 5314/8946 sq. ft. Y1103316
8977 Kristin Drive Downey CA $1,399,000 5900/13870 sq. ft. DW14071542
Look at the lot size
Deal No. 4 : Rowland Heights – SFR on 1.29 acres lot -- opportunity to build
2755 Batson Avenue, Rowland Heights, CA
Rowland Heights CA on a big lot
2/2 with a 56,250 Sq. ft. lot. All other properties have only 6000 to 7000 sq. ft. lot
Property is in Los Angeles County and Great opportunity to build multiple single family homes worth from 700k up to 900k per residence
Price: 849k 
Similar Properties found and sold within a mile of subject property are:
17922 Scarecrow Pl Rowland Heights CA $750k 3/20/14 2455 Sq. Ft.
3562 Normandy Wy Rowland Heights CA $780k 2/21/14 2215 Sq. Ft.
2938 Blakeman Ave Rowland Heghts CA $842k 2/27/14 2702 Sq. Ft.
18832 Whitey Pl Rowland Heights CA $880k 3/26/14 2595 Sq. Ft.
18838 Ashley Pl Rowland Heights CA $900k 1/13/14 2712 Sq. Ft.
Email me for access
Under contract and ready to be ASSIGNED with POF and LOI
direct source, no broker chains

Kern County Cash Cow

Email me for further
The Deal: (The Property is in Great Shape.. Seller NEEDS To Liquidate) 

12 Units In Kern County (TWO 6-Plexes that can be bought individually)

First Building (Fully Rented) (160,000K)

Unit 1 – 2/1, 2 stories, $500
Unit 2 – 2/1, 2 stories, $400
Unit 3 – 2/1, 2 stories, $500
Unit 4 – 2/1, 2 stories, $500
Unit 5 – 2/1, 2 stories, $500
Unit 6 – 3/1, 2 stories, $600
After ALL expenses... The Property NETS 2,145 Per Month! CURRENTLY FULLY RENOVATED!
Second Building (Fully Rented) 160,000K
Unit 1 – 2/1, 2 stories, $500
Unit 2 – 2/1, 2 stories, $500
Unit 3 – 2/1, 2 stories, $500
Unit 4 – 2/1, 2 stories, $500
Unit 5 – 2/1, 2 stories, $500
Unit 6 – 3/1, 2 stories, $600
***Laundry with 4 Washers & Dryers: approx.. $1,000 
After ALL expenses... The Property NETS 2,245.52 Per Month 

Riverside-2 for 1 Special

3049 & 3063 Lime Street, Riverside, CA 92501
Price: $340K OBO
Property will be delivered all vacant
Easy Access: Please contact
3063 is a Victorian SFR house with huge duplex in the back
Over 10,000 SF Lot! 2,483 SF 10,019 SF Lot
3049 is a cottage SFR - With Big Lot 672 SFR 7,841 Lot Zoning R2
5,000-7,000 SF Of Living Space
Buyer's Rep: 2%
Buyer's side to pay a finder's fee of $2500.
Buyers please do all your DD. There was city fines that my Investor took care of and will be paid with price included in asking price.
My Investor is short selling this property to a new Buyer. He is the Owner and short sale has been approved. Private Lender (his Friend) unrecorded lien on the property, for private, off market sale. One of the structures has some fire damage, cited as a substandard. All structures are said to be permitted but Buyers please double check with the city. The duplex in the back of the Victorian, Seller got approval with the city to remain there but will have to be used a storage. All pertinent documents AND permits will be provided for serious Buyer and transaction will all be done through escrow. Easy sale, with all good relationships. TONS OF POSSIBILITIES!
Buyers please do your own Due Diligence, let me know if you need anything or with any questions, please contact me.


CA SFR Portfolio-HOT! HOT! HOT!

17 Properties Representing....

9 Homes

23 apts

1 Condo

1 Manufactured Home

in California City & Lancaster CA.  The seller wants $2.5M to be sold as a package.  All of the units are impeccable and nicely rehabbed

100% Rented......... $241,200. a year  in rental income

+3 points.

Email  at for the address

Fixer-City of Lynwood

Cozy home with large lot in the city of Lynwood.

Title show 3 bedroom 1 bath, but physically is a 2 bedroom 1 bath room.Large backyard with room to build extra bath or bedroom. For the area might make more sense to do standard rehab and quick resale.

Run your numbers and let me know what you think.

3317 Platt Ave, Lynwood CA 90262

2+1 742 sq ft. 4554 LOT

Price: $200K+ 2% buyer's rep​

Repairs: $20K

ARV: $275K

Sale: Standard

Deposit: $4K

Access: Call for appointment

Buyer's side to pay a finder's fee of $2500


Wow! Florida Property Deals-Huge Variety

*30 Condo Units In Orlando FL-$3,265,000,- 2 buildings- 22 condos with
19k mo income -8 condos with $7,136 mo income

*15 Condos Ii 24 Unit Condo Building Pompano Beach FL-$2,600,000-100%
leased-$133,500 NOI - 8.3 cap

*27 Townhomes Florida City FL-$4,000,000- bulk sale-new built
2007-1600 sf each NOI 225,000

*42 Units Residential Portfolio Sarasota & Bradenton FL-
$4,365,000-100% occupied-made up of 35 properties-income $338,455

*22 SFH IN ST PETERSBURG FL-3,500,000-private seller-package only 28 units total

Any interest? Let me know ASAP. 626-641-0346 or email

Signal Hill Multi-Family Deal

Off Market Multi Unit (Under contract /Ready to assign)
Address:  2352 Lewis Ave Signal Hills, CA 90755
6 Units of 2Beds, 1 Bath each
4736 sq. ft.
Year Built 1961
          Income Statement


 Actual                                Proforma
1. $950                               $1350.00+
2. $950                               $1350.00
3. $950                               $1350.00
4. $950                               $1350.00
5. $950                               $1350.00
6. $900                               $1350.00


 $5650/month/67,800          $8,100.00/97,200


Standard Sale
Very Light Repairs:  (Property sold "as is")
Low Maintenance
PRICE NOW $745K  (Was $775K)


REDUCED TO $735K!!!!!! + 1.5% buyer's rep




ARV Approx. $1,018,240
Comparables Analysis
ARV Aprox. 218 average sqft 218 x subject 4736 =$1,032,448 (conservative value $975k)
Buyer's side to pay a finder;s fee of $3000
Buyer must do their own due diligence to verify comparables.

EMD 3%



Orizaba, Paramount Smoking Deal

15128 Orizaba, Paramount, Ca, 90723 (vacant now)
BUY BACK GUARANTEE ( so confident on this property,
they (the sellers) will offer a complete BUY BACK GUARANTEE!!
Unlisted - Single Family Home + Duplex - Good Spread.
Here's a great property for any investor looking to make a TERRIFIC SPREAD
ALL CASH buy only!  The buyer needs to take a cashier's check into the attorney's office.
First come, first serve!
New Construction: Built In 2011
3 Units on a lot. Front unit is a beautiful 2,500 Sq Ft House WITH a huge
Duplex in the back.
The owner couldn't finish the duplex. Needs about 45,000 to complete the
project and get the
certificate of occupancy from the city for all 3 Units.

The city just wants the project completed and will work with the incoming investor.
All construction to this point has been approved and inspected by the city.
The owner just flat out ran out of money. PERMITS HAVE BEEN RENEWED:
This is a NO BRAINER

Purchase price: 499,000 (COMPS ARE NEAR 700K!) + 2% buyer's rep
Buyer's side to pay a finder's fee of 1% of the purchase price.

Chatsworth Fixer

Great area of Chatsworth in the Valley. Huge home on a HUGE LOT!


22231 Chatsworth St. Chatsworth, CA 91311

3/3 2,90041,459 LOT

Price: $665K + Buyer's Fee $5000

Repairs: Depends on work, as is $60K - $70K

Access: Drive By Only

Sale Type: Standard

Deposit: $10K

***Tenant occupied, currently in the eviction process***

Call Diane at 626-641-0346 or email at

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